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Virtual Tours for Retail and Commercial Spaces

When we decided to create virtual tours, we decided to use Matterport®. What is so special about Matterport®? It is the leading technology to create a "digital twin" of retail and commercial spaces. Virtually walking through a store on a phone, tablet, or computer allows visitors to get a feel for the space without having to schedule a physical appointment. Created correctly, virtual tours will also increase time spent on your site and can encourage online shopping with strategically placed "hot spots" to your online storefront. Using great photos and interactive content can help drive more traffic to your site as well.

Another thing we considered was the level of photo quality we wanted to deliver to our clients. Because we are a professional real estate photography company serving Atlanta and most of the State of Georgia, we decided to invest in the Matterport® Pro2 camera. This camera produces the highest quality 3D capture and 4K print quality photography available with the service. Our customers get professional photo resolution (134 megapixels) and the highest 3D accuracy using LiDAR technology.

People are shown to be 300% more engaged with a Matterport 3D virtual tour than they are with 2D imagery. 3D virtual tours can help you create better experiences, happier customers, and more revenue.

Visitors operate with a click of a mouse, or tapping on their mobile device. Below is a sample retail space where we invite you to click, drag and zoom around! Imagine how you would you would want to inform your visitors about products and even lead them to buy a product from your virtual shelf!


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